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    Drafting and designing of your thesis
    For our drafting of a thesis consultancy services, we require specific information such as the topic you wish to discuss, the number of pages and your deadlines. Based on this information, we will send you a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours. We can also assist you with professional formatting and layout if you have already completed your thesis.

    Correction of the thesis
    We’ve all been there: your professor discovers new errors even after you have reread your thesis dozens of times. Therefore, we are committed to correcting your thesis in stages and with multiple consultants to find all grammatical errors and inconsistencies.

    Preparing the abstract
    The abstract is usually handed in with the thesis. It serves as your initial thesis presentation to the exam commission. Professors value this summary highly as it is the primary introduction text to understanding your work. For this reason, we can assist you in writing an abstract that enhances your thesis’ contents.

    Data processing
    Some theses require qualitative and quantitative data analysis; for example, company financial statements or the evaluation of questionnaires. Our consultants have experience preparing Excel documents suitable for processing this data that will help you properly present your thesis.

    CETU - Dissertation Writing Service & University Consulting
    CETU - Dissertation Writing Service & University Consulting
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    CETU - Dissertation Writing Service & University Consulting

    Who are we?

    Centro Tesi Universitario (CETU) is a group of people that focus on assisting university students with preparing for exams and writing their thesis. Our team consists of young professionals working in university consulting since 2012. University years were intense and difficult for all of us, but we had the good fortune of studying and exploring topics close to our hearts. We discovered that we are very good at analysing and researching, and that we find great satisfaction in assisting students that are in a stressful situation.
    After completing our academic careers, we used these realisations to combine pleasure and a sense of duty.
    We are a young team and our passion for research and writing, as well as our desire to assist other students, motivates us to commit to your project fully. We check each thesis with Doctor Plagiarism anti-plagiarism software to ensure original and high-quality documents.

    Why should you work with us?

    We genuinely believe in our work as we have been students ourselves and we understand how important it is to receive help from someone you can rely on. As a result, we work on each thesis in close collaboration with the student, allowing us to write something special together.

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    CETU - Dissertation Writing Service & University Consulting