Frequently asked questions

We have been assisting students from all over Europe in preparing for exams and completing their theses with dedication and professionalism since 2012. 

We are asked many questions about our university advisory services and they are often the same. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the frequently asked questions and their answers on this page. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Which subjects do you recommend for my thesis? 

We deal with any subject, but we are exceptionally knowledgeable about the following: 

  • Finance and economics
  • Law 
  • Engineering 
  • Marketing and administration 
  • Social sciences 
  • Social sciences and humanities 
  • Philosophy, history and literature 
  • Tourism, geography, environment and landscape 
  • Media, film, theatre, fashion and design 
  • Physiotherapy and nursing 

What are the timeframes for writing an entire thesis? 

Depending on your deadlines, we can accommodate any request. If time is of the essence, we will collaborate with multiple people on one thesis to ensure a timely delivery. 

Do you also help with index creation? 

Of course, the first step is to create the index and bibliography! 

What if I already have an index? 

Suppose you already have an index that your professor has approved. In that case, we can begin drafting the work right away and organise ourselves with an internal schedule so that you know the exact delivery date of the work.

Is it possible to draft only a portion of the work?

Yes, you can request for us to only write a portion of your thesis. However, please keep in mind that integrating two papers in the same style may be more complicated than developing a reliable thesis. 

Do you provide corrections if they are necessary? 

Of course, we will be in touch after you receive your professor’s feedback to make necessary changes and corrections.

Will the work be completed in one go? 

No, the work will be sent chapter by chapter so that your professor reads it gradually and can make necessary changes and corrections.

How does payment work?

In parts before we send you a chapter via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Is formatting included in the price? 

Yes, you will only have to worry about getting your work printed. 

What assurances do I have that the work is unique? 

To ensure the originality and uniqueness of our work, we write all the texts ourselves and use professional anti-plagiarism software such as Plagiarism Scanner and Zero Plagiarism. 

Which universities have you previously worked for? 

We have previously provided consulting services to the following UK universities: University of York, University of Birmingham, University of Bath, University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, University of Bristol, University of Oxford, London Business School, University of Kent, Queen Mary, University of Sheffield, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow and many more. 

Can you also help me with my graduation speech and PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, we can help you throughout the entire process of preparing for your degree from start to finish. 

How can we best communicate? 

Depending on your preferences, we will stay in contact with you via WhatsApp, email or telephone.

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