Team CETU feels responsible for your results

On this page, you will find examples of the results obtained by students who have benefited from our consulting services. 

We only publish actual grades and theses that we have worked on. To protect the students’ privacy, their full names have been omitted. 

Professionalism and sincerity always come first.

Otherwise, how could we properly assist you? 

We collaborate with the students that have chosen us as their academic advisors on a daily basis. 

We understand that university is a significant commitment you want to complete as successfully as possible. 

Therefore, we offer consulting and professional assistance along the path you’re already on.

You deserve these results.

Our students’ comments: 

When we finish a project, we ask for feedback from the student with whom we have collaborated. 

To us, it is critical to understand what went well and, more importantly, what we can improve

This is how we can we be confident that we will meet your expectations as well as those of other students who seek our advice.

Sabrina: My thesis was received in a positive way. Everything was satisfactory and no further revisions were required. Thank you and the team for your excellent work. 

Davide: You helped me immensely with my thesis and I wanted to thank you and inform you that I even received bonus points! Let’s keep in touch for my master’s degree next year. 

Nina: Guys, I have submitted my thesis. Thank you very much for your work, you are truly exceptional. 

Ivan: Thank you for everything; you did an excellent job in record time. Thank you so much for literally saving my life. 

Daniele: Good morning Pierpaolo. I received approval from my professor for the first chapter and the abstract. He stated that the job was satisfactory. I am very happy. 

Selene: My professor planned on correcting the last chapter but did not have to make any changes, stating that the work was complete and done well.  Thank you very much for your efforts and assistance. Thank you! 

Enrico: Hello, I organised for the entire thesis to be submitted tomorrow. I ran a plagiarism check and found only a 3% similarity. 

Nicol: Okay, perfect. I have read it and would like to thank you very much; it’s very well done. 

Mariarosaria: Thank you very much, especially for your availability. 

Rosa: I’m writing to keep you updated on the thesis. The professor said it was written very well and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts. Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job. 

Fabrizio: Perfect and congratulations on your professionalism. 

Anna: Thank you, you were extremely quick. Excellent work! 

Fabrizio: As always: professional and patient. 

Antonio: Once again, congratulations on your professionalism. 

Raffaella: Thank you very much, I graduated with honours. I’m overjoyed and I’ll make sure to recommend you. Thank you very much.

Rita: I thought I couldn’t do it a month ago, but you did it in 20 days. 

Fabrizio: Efficient and timely in terms of delivery.

Cristina: Sara assisted me in writing my thesis and she was always present, encouraging and supporting me until the graduation ceremony. 

Marco: I couldn’t write my thesis by myself due to work issues so I delegated the task to Sara and I couldn’t have made a better choice: courteous, helpful and professional.

Marta: I wanted a unique and personal thesis, in other words, a thesis that represented me. All this was possible because I studied diligently. It felt like it was mine. 

Federica: I couldn’t concentrate or devote myself to my work because of personal issues. Thanks to the Cetu team and Sara’s kindness, I found an anchor that helped me achieve an impossible goal. 

Marco: They have been able to calm my fears and I assure you this is no small feat. Thank you, Sara, for your infinite patience. 

Paolo: At first, I was wary and concerned but after receiving the first chapter, I relaxed because I could see the high quality of the work. 

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