Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

Every day, we work on the theses of students at leading UK and European universities. Team CETU (Centro Tesi Universitario) is the name we chose for our group of professionals in university research, writing and consulting.  

How much does it cost to get help with your thesis?

In the table on this page, you will find our prices, calculated according to a historical average with respect to the students we have already helped over the years.  

The rates ensure quality original work, following the main anti-plagiarism standards.

Activity and Type of Thesis
Price Per Page
Writing a bachelor’s essay
from 15 £
Writing a master’s essay
from 16 £
Last Minute thesis help (complete in 7 days)
from 25 £
Thesis correction in English or Spanish
from 15 £
Data Processing and Analysis
from 20 £
PowerPoint Thesis presentations
from 15 £
Thesis abstract
from 50 £
Other degree advisory activities
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Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

Ask for your free quote:

    We have been working with students from all over UK & Europe since 2012 and are happy to advise you in the best way possible. Fill out this form and ask your questions or receive a free quote without obligation. If you prefer, you can contact us at [email protected]

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    When and how to pay? 

    We usually give you the option of paying for the consultancy divided over time in small instalments, for instance when we have completed the writing of a new chapter or the collection of material you have requested from us. 

    Among the available payment methods you can choose Postepay, PayPalor Bank Transfer

    We can keep our prices low while maintaining high quality because we pay a lot of attention to how we handle our work: 

    We are freelancers working from home, without having to pay for an office and all the associated costs. 

    We organise our collaboration by phone or via other online channels of your choice, from WhatsApp to classic email.

    We are very good at what we do and enjoy our work: we don’t feel the need to speculate or stretch ourselves too much. 

    To calculate the cost of the thesis consultation, we will ask you for some information. For example, we need to know whether you have already chosen a topic, the number of pages to be written, and the timeframe for delivery. 

    Once we have collected this data, we will send you a customised free quote, without any obligation

    You decide whether and how you want to work with us.

    Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

    How are thesis prices calculated? 

    The cost of university counselling to help you with your dissertation varies depending on several factors

    For example: 

    • Dissertation topic (if you have already chosen it) 
    • Number of pages required 
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis
    • Deadline (the date by which you would like to graduate) 
    • University you are attending (to learn about formatting and types of anti-plagiarism software and other potential requirements from the secretariat)

    We take care of every request from the professor and the secretary together, sorting out chapters, reminding you of deadlines, and helping you prepare all the documents to be handed in. 

    This way, you can be sure to do everything without errors. 

    The price you pay for our consultancy allows you 100% peace of mind that you will deliver on time a high-quality original thesis that follows all the standards of your university. 

    Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

    Each thesis is a unique project. 

    Helping a student with his or her thesis is not a fixed-cost “product,” but a consultancy tailored to what you really need.

    Our advice is always anonymous and professional 

    Your professor, your university or your family will never know that you contacted us for advice. 

    We are a group of professionals who have been working with university students since 2012.

    We always complete the thesis within the time frame you request.  

    All theses of our consultations are original and pass the check of anti-plagiarism software.  

    We never share your data with anyone.  

    Your thesis is neither saved in our database nor resold to anyone else.  

    Only you will receive the documents and the thesis text that we will work on together during the counselling.  

    The sooner we start counselling, the sooner we can help you, without the stress of the thesis to finish. 

    Other doubts, curiosities, and questions on how dissertation consultancy works? Send us a message! 

    Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

    What do we work on for your thesis counselling? 

    We help you develop your dissertation (Bachelor’s and Master’s), from topic selection to PowerPoint presentation

    We can help you with all the steps of your thesis, from the beginning to the end of the project, right up to your graduation: 

    ► Topic suggestions 

    ► Searching for materials (books, data, interviews) 

    ► Thesis writing (draft, revision) 

    ► Proofreading your work (grammar, content) 

    ► Thesis layout and formatting 

    ► PowerPoint presentation (or other software) 

    ► Preparation of the graduation speech 

    ► Thesis Abstract

    ► Translation of the thesis (English, Spanish)

    ► Available every day to answer your questions (via email, phone, Skype and WhatsApp) 

    We provide professional support throughout Italy for the preparation of all types of dissertations.

    Who to trust before paying someone for a thesis? 

    We believe our students should always be calm and satisfied with the work they do. 

    When you are looking for someone to help you with your thesis, it is only right that you can carefully and consciously decide who to work with, to avoid ending upon the hands of unreliable “discount thesis sellers.” 

    The writing of a thesis is a delicate project: you need experienced professionals, who are able to keep their “human side”. 

    We want to understand your needs and expectations together and follow you step by step through the project. 

    We recommend a few key points for you to consider during your research:

    • Always ask for a quote 
    • Contact the consultants and ask all the questions you can think of 
    • Read the information on the site carefully 
    • Provide all requested materials in an orderly and complete manner 
    • Personally proofread all texts delivered to you 
    • Ensure that your privacy and anonymity is respected 
    • Pay for the consultancy in parts and check the quality of the work yourself before moving on to the next step.
    Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

    Achievements of our students: 

    Since 2012, we have been helping students throughout UK and Europe to successfully complete their theses and graduate in a short time. 

    We know very well the challenges you face before graduating and there is no university that is easier or more difficult to overcome. 

    It’s all a matter of exams, professors, and personal inclination

    You can also read the in-depth page dedicated to the quality of our service and the feedback from those we’ve already helped.

    Dissertation Help: Prices, Advice & Quote 

    Who are we?  

    United under the name “CETU” we are a group of young professionals who have been helping other boys and girls graduate since 2012.  

    Before finishing university, we went through the same fears, difficulties, and indecisions.  

    We know how it feels like when you are close to finishing your studies and suddenly you don’t know how to start your thesis.  

    Or when you would like to finish it as soon as possible to finally enter the working world or to give satisfaction to your parents who paid for your studies.  

    We’ve been there too.  

    And we’ve found that writing a thesis and helping other people with this project is a job we like to do and in which we succeed very well

     Yes, because even if someone say so, getting a degree is not useless.  

    Our team is led by Sara (graduated with 110 cum laude in Business Administration, Marketing, and Management), then there is Carmen (graduated with 110 cum laude in Civil Engineering, Environmental Recovery), Pierpaolo (graduated with 110 cum laude in Management Engineering, Project Management, and Business Production), and Marco (graduated with 110 in Communication Sciences). Depending on the project, we also work together with external collaborators, mother tongue professors, lawyers, and professionals.  

    For more than 6 years, we have been working every day with students from all over Italy, helping and advising them in their theses.  

    Send us an email with any questions, and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours.