Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

Proofreading is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks you will face while completing your thesis. 

All pages must be double-checked for errors, plagiarism and inconsistencies. 

Whatever your goal, during the thesis proofreading process, you must pay special attention to the following: 

  • Grammar
  • Syntax 
  • Punctuation 
  • Tone and format of content 
  • Clarity of content 
  • Correctness of data

Another critical point is to check the originality of your words and check for plagiarism percentages.

How can you tell if your thesis has passed your university’s anti-plagiarism checks? 

Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

Students who use our proofreading services only need to send us the original file containing the text to be checked, we’ll handle the rest

  • We will carefully read your entire thesis, beginning with the first chapter and ending with the biography.
  • We will identify and correct every type of error (grammar, form, punctuation, etc.). 
  • We will identify potential plagiarised and copied parts in the text and propose changes to make them unique. 
  • We will consider the clarity of the contents in the thesis and, if necessary, propose changes to make them more readable and academic.
  • We will then send you the new file with our corrections highlighted at the end of the work, so you know exactly what we have changed.

Please let us know before we send you the free quote if you have any additional requests for correcting your text. 

Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

Request a free quote for your thesis verification and correction: 

It takes a lot of time and effort to correct and remove all errors and possible plagiarism from a thesis. 

In addition to drafting a thesis, we can assist you in correcting chapters, resolving errors and ensuring that your work will pass your university’s anti-plagiarism checks without any issues. 

If you find it difficult to locate errors or copied sentences (even unintentional ones) in a text on which you have been working extensively, a professional can quickly identify and correct them.

Every day, we review hundreds of pages carefully, looking for errors and removing plagiarism. 

    We have been working with students from all over UK & Europe since 2012 and are happy to advise you in the best way possible. Fill out this form and ask your questions or receive a free quote without obligation. If you prefer, you can contact us at [email protected]

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    It is faster, easier and safer to correct your thesis with the help of a professional. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    What does it cost to revise a thesis? 

    The costs for a professional revision of a thesis vary greatly depending on the following: 

    • The number of pages 
    • The difficulty of the subject 
    • The number of errors discovered 
    • The types of errors discovered 
    • The percentage of text listed as plagiarised 
    • Language (Italian, English, SpanishItalian) 
    • Special requests 
    • University-specific requirements

    Our rates ensure that all grammatical rules of the English language, as well as anti-plagiarism rules and the essential guidelines regarding content are followed. 

    We are university professionals who are very focused on doing our jobs properly because we enjoy doing so. 

    Your rates reflect the true worth of our experience and expertise.

    We are able to keep our prices low because we pay close attention to how we manage our work.

    We work from home so we don’t have any overhead costs. We can organise our collaboration over the phone or via any online medium you prefer, from WhatsApp to email. Send us a message if you have any questions or would like to request a free, no-obligation quote. 

    We are very experienced and enjoy our work so we don’t need to speculate on your thesis or stretch our abilities. 

    Why should you pay someone to proofread your thesis and check for plagiarism? 

    If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably already answered that question.

    Time is valuable and quality is priceless. 

    You could also have a friend or family member check your thesis. 

    They may inform you of any errors they discover and sentences that appear to be copied or that are not clear. 

    Unfortunately, those who tend to correct something as a favour will pay less attention, have less time available and are not always able to identify plagiarism as well as a professional. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    You will receive your document promptly if you pay a professional with extensive experience in writing and proofreading university theses. 

    The best thing to do is request a free quote to determine the exact costs of your project. 

    We are happy to provide you with all the information you require before making your decision, without any obligation.


    Your thesis will pass any professor’s verification and automatic plagiarism checks without stress.

    The costs of a professional thesis verification and correction service are repaid by the speed with which the thesis is sent back to you and the quality of the final product. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    How do I pay for proofreading services? 

    Our thesis correction services can be paid for in instalments. 

    For instance, we can divide the total fee by the number of chapters to be corrected and you can pay before we send you each chapter. 

    Among the available payment methods are PayPal and Bank Transfer. 

    What file formats are we able to work with? 

    Our students’ theses are mostly proofread in Microsoft Office formats

    • Word
    • Excel
    • Power Point

    If you have written your thesis in another free programme such as Openoffice or Scribus, you can convert it to an Office format using a free converter. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    Can my thesis be corrected in another language? 

    If you have translated your thesis into Italian or Spanish, in addition to English, we can correct your work

    If you are not a native speaker of Italian or Spanish, mistakes or sentences translated from English are very common. 

    A professional correction is still the best option for removing any translation errors.

    We will provide professional work to ensure the quality of corrections in a foreign language thanks to the assistance of external Italian and Spanish-speaking consultants. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    Check your thesis for plagiarism using the anti-plagiarism software available to students. 

    We recommend using only reputable programmes such as Doctor Plagiarism to verify plagiarism percentages in your thesis. 

    These text verification algorithms produce the same results as the ones which many universities use

    This way, you can determine for yourself whether your thesis contains plagiarism before submitting it to your professor or facing penalties from the exam commission. 

    Do the plagiarism checkers that universities use work?

    Some plagiarism detection programmes work well if the text you copied is already in their database. 

    A programme will only work if the text you copied is in its database or if you translated it from a language that has already been translated somewhere else. 

    A professor with experience in reading theses can detect copied text far more quickly than a software’s cold algorithm. A student will most likely avoid copying if they know their professor or university may use plagiarism software. 

    Plagiarism software, in most cases, serves as a deterrent.

    How much time does it take to revise a thesis?

    The time required to correct a thesis is determined by several factors: 

    • The number of pages 
    • The difficulty of the subject 
    • The number of errors discovered 
    • The types of errors discovered 
    • The percentage of text listed as plagiarised 
    • Language (Italian, English, Spanish) 
    • Special requests 

    It usually takes a few days for a professional to correct a thesis fully. 

    Our plagiarism detection and thesis correction services are available all year, including weekends and holidays for last-minute emergencies. 

    We understand how critical it is to meet deadlines.

    As a result, we will evaluate your request and only accept jobs we can complete within the specified time frame. 

    In case of emergencies (such as a last-minute thesis), we can verify and correct your work within 48 hours

    Such last minute corrections must be completed by two or more professionals who will divide your thesis into sections. 

    Naturally, this will increase our rate, but we will ensure a rapid delivery without sacrificing the quality of our work. 

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request a free quote and feedback on the timing of your work. 

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    How can you stay in touch while your thesis is being revised?

    How can you stay in touch while your thesis is being revised?

    To organise corrections with our students, we know that it is essential to offer different communication channels.

    Therefore, we are available by email or phone and through WhatsApp messages. 

    When we are correcting your thesis, you can always contact us at: 


    We understand how important it is for you to receive immediate feedback, so we are committed to responding as soon as possible. 

    For special or elaborate questions, we recommend contacting us via email so that we can respond in detail. 

    For emergencies and quick questions, please call or text us on WhatsApp. 

    Is it beneficial to use software that will correct my thesis automatically? 

    Numerous programmes claim to automatically correct text (such as those available on Correction online, Electric School, Spell Checker and Google Docs).

    Currently, these programmes can only detect typos and minor grammatical inconsistencies

    They are still not sufficiently advanced to be genuinely reliable for a thesis. 

    Standard software such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice include an automatic corrector that detects many incorrect words and, in some cases, possible grammatical errors. 

    Our team uses some of these programmes during the correction process. However, they are always backed up by our expert eye which is set to find anything software cannot. 

    Autocorrect programmes are frequently unable to detect simple grammatical or spelling errors.

    Correctly spelt words that are accidentally inserted in the middle of another sentence, for example, are only occasionally detected as errors by software. 

    Until they create new artificial intelligence that is similar to the human brain and is capable of truly understanding what is written and detecting errors in form and content, humans are necessary for proper checks. 

    The only way to ensure a problem has been resolved is to seek assistance from a human professional

    Correction of your dissertation and plagiarism verification: rates and free quote 

    Is it possible to revise an already printed and bound thesis?

    Generally, it is best not to make changes to a thesis that has already been printed and bound in its final form. 

    Perhaps your professor has already confirmed it and delivered it to the school office for filing.

    In some cases, you may not be able to make subsequent changes. 

    Answer the following questions before making any changes to your completed thesis: 

    • Is the error in the thesis you want to correct severe or is it a simple oversight that does not affect the rest of the content? 
    • Have you informed your professor of the correction you wish to make and what advice has he given you? 

    When you have a thesis that has already been printed after months of work and corrections, likely, the error is not severe enough to jeopardise your degree. 

    You could simply be upset about something unrelated to your college career. 

    The best thing to do is to notify your professor as soon as possible and wait for their response.

    In cases where the error is critical, you can solve it quickly and for free by inserting an errata corrige: a simple additional sheet manually inserted at the beginning or end of the thesis. 

    You can then list the page with the error and your correction in this errata corrige section. 

    The professor and the exam commission will then officially consider your note

    If you want to change the original content that has already been printed, contact the shop that did the work for you. 

    Depending on the correction, you can decide whether to modify only individual pages or to reprint the entire thesis.

    Expect an additional cost if you want to reprint one or more parts of your thesis after it has been bound.

    Who are we? 

    We are Team CETU, a group of young professionals who have been assisting students in graduating since 2012

    We have shared your anxiety, hardships and indecisions before graduating university. 

    We understand how it feels to be nearing the end of your studies and to suddenly find yourself unable to start writing your thesis. 

    We understand you want to finish writing it as soon as possible to enter the workforce or satisfy your parents who have paid for your education. 

    We’ve been there. 

    We have also discovered that writing a thesis and assisting others with their project is something we enjoy and excel at.

    Sara (who graduated with a 110 in Business Administration, Marketing and Management) is the head of our organisation. Our team also consists of Carmen (who graduated with a 110 in Civil Engineering, Environmental Remediation), Pierpaolo (who graduated with a 110 in Management Engineering, Project Management and Business Production), and Marco (graduated with 110 in Communication Sciences). Depending on the project, we will also work with external collaborators, professors, lawyers and industry professionals. 

    For more than six years, we have worked with students from all over Europe, assisting and advising them on their theses. 

    If you have any questions, please email us and we will respond within 24 hours.