Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

The practical work of organising the paper and writing it is referred to as “drafting” the dissertation (bachelor’s or master’s degree). 

There are many professionals and consultants that can help you online. Our team has been working to provide daily support for university students from all over the UK since 2012.

The table on this page shows examples of dissertation writing rates based on averages of the work we have done for students over the years. 

Our rates ensure that the original work we deliver is of a high quality. We adhere to plagiarism rules by constantly verifying our work and using professional software such as Doctor Plagiarism. 

Activity and Type of Thesis
Price Per Page
Writing a bachelor’s essay
from 15 £
Writing a master’s essay
from 16 £
Last Minute thesis help (complete in 7 days)
from 25 £
Thesis correction in English or Spanish
from 15 £
Data Processing and Analysis
from 20 £
PowerPoint Thesis presentations
from 15 £
Thesis abstract
from 50 £
Other degree advisory activities
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The price you pay reflects the true worth of our university’s experience and expertise.

Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

Frequently asked questions 

How are the prices calculated? 

The price for a consultation to assist you with your dissertation depends on a number of factors

For example: 

  • Dissertation subject (if you have already chosen it) 
  • The number of pages required 
  • Level: bachelor’s or master’s 
  • Deadline (the date when your dissertation is due) 

When and how should I pay? 

We usually offer the option of paying for the consultation in small instalments over time

For example, when we have completed the drafting of a new chapter or the collection of material you have requested from us, we will send you a payment request. 

Among the payment options are: 

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer 

Request a free quote: 

    We have been working with students from all over UK & Europe since 2012 and are happy to advise you in the best way possible. Fill out this form and ask your questions or receive a free quote without obligation. If you prefer, you can contact us at [email protected]

    I agree to the treatment of my personal information: Privacy Policy

    You will be the only one who decides whether or not to work with us.

    Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

    What does the process of writing a paid dissertation look like? 

    Our dissertation advice is straightforward and clear: 

    • We will send you a free estimate outlining all the costs associated with the drafting of your dissertation. 
    • You are under no obligation to accept our quote. 
    • We will begin working on the dissertation together as soon as we have received the first payment
    • We will then choose the topic together (if you don’t already have one) and prepare the table of contents for your professor’s approval. 
    • If your professor confirms the topic/table of contents, we will continue with the necessary research, material gathering and drafting of the first chapters.
    • Naturally, we will review any feedback and corrections provided by your professor in order to incorporate them into the work. 
    • After we have completed the first few chapters and your professor has approved the work, we will ask you to make the second payment. 
    • Before starting on the final chapters and biography, but after we have completed the following chapters and your professor has approved the work, you will make the final payment. 

    We are always available to answer your questions and will keep in touch throughout the entire consultation. 

    We will work together to handle every request from the professor and yourself, arranging the chapters, reminding you of deadlines, and assisting you in preparing all the documents to be delivered. 

    This way, you can be sure that everything will be done correctly.

    The cost of our advice allows you to be completely confident in delivering a high-quality and original dissertation on time and in accordance with your university’s requirements.

    Our advice is always confidential and professional

    • Your professor, university, or family will have no idea that you have contacted us for advice.
    • Since 2012, our group of professionals has been working with English students. 
    • We always complete the thesis writing within the time frame specified by you. 
    • Our dissertations are original and will pass plagiarism software checks. 
    • We will never share your personal information with anyone. 
    • Your dissertation will not be saved in our database and will not be resold to anyone else. 
    • Only you will receive the documents and dissertation text on which we will collaborate throughout the consultation. 

    The sooner we begin the consultation, the sooner we can assist you without the stress of the deadline.

    Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

    Is it really necessary to pay someone to assist you with your dissertation

    There are several factors that can motivate a person to seek our assistance and pay professionals to speed up and simplify the preparation process. 

    Can you guess what the most common reason is? 

    That’s correct: lack of time

    You are well aware of how difficult it is to complete the entire dissertation by yourself within a set deadline. 

    Perhaps you are already employed, have just completed your exams, or have experienced some unexpected events this year. 

    It is normal to have a limited amount of time for the dissertation.

    If you want to graduate before having to pay another year of college tuition, working with an expert advisor may be the better and less expensive option. 

    If you’re not sure if you can do it yourself, contact us for advice or to ask any questions you might have.

    What is included in the price of a dissertation? 

    We will assist you in writing your essay (bachelor’s and master’s), from topic selection to PowerPoint presentation. 

    All consultation work included in writing a paid dissertation typically covers the following:

    • Topic selection and preliminary research 
    • Drawing up a table of contents 
    • Looking for information in books, websites and secondary data 
    • Chapter by chapter, writing a first draught (in order for you to show the work to your professor before proceeding with the next chapter) 
    • Your work will be corrected (grammar, content) 
    • Bibliography
    • Abstract

    How do you begin working on your essay with a consultant? 

    The first steps in writing your dissertation are as follows: 

    • Select a topic that you are interested in discussing (if you already like to talk about it, it will be easier for you to work on and talk about at the presentation). 
    • Send a research proposal to you supervisor and take note of their feedback!

    It is best to begin the actual drafting only after the supervisor has confirmed the topic of your dissertation.

    This ensures that we adhere to your graduate supervisor’s instructions and expectations.

    All the basic tips you can find on other websites for writing a thesis are valid.

    Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

    What type of dissertation can we collaborate on? 

    There are several types of dissertations available at UK universities:

    A literary review dissertation: You will write a comprehensive summary and evaluative assessment of the literature on your topic, exploring different perspectives and paradigms within it.

    A high-theory dissertation: The most theoretical type of dissertation which will examine claims either for or against a school of thought, or any particular aspects of it.

    A theory-testing dissertation: Unlike the previous option, this one places more emphasis on the relationship between theory and reality, asking how well a theory (or aspect of a theory) explains or illuminates real-world practices, institutions etc.

    A historical-analytical dissertation; 

    A dissertation centred around multiple contrasting case studies.

    A long-term analytical dissertation (looking ahead); 

    A dissertation that focuses on the investigation of an existing case; 

    Dissertation writing and revision in English, Italian and Spanish.

    We provide professional writing and editing services for dissertations in English, Italian and Spanish. 

    Even if you are fluent in another language, writing or editing a dissertation is a delicate task. 

    You must consider local idioms, industry-specific terminology, university language rules, and maintain a professional tone. 

    Send us an email if you have any questions or would like more information about our language editing and correction services.

    Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

    Who can assist you with your dissertation? 

    Remember that you are not alone at any point in your university career, especially as you approach graduation. 

    You can seek help and advice from a variety of people, including: 

    Friends and relatives: the people around you can help you, even if it’s as simple as proposing the topic of your dissertation and ask for their feedback or reading what you’ve written to spot errors and repetitions. 

    University friends: Your classmates are probably just as busy writing their dissertation as you are but that doesn’t mean you can’t help each other out by exchanging advice, suggestions, and criticisms as needed.

    Your supervisor: is the professor who supports you throughout the preparation of your dissertation, reading all of the chapters and offering you advice and corrections. Sometimes professors are too busy to closely monitor your progress but it is always worthwhile to seek the best possible assistance from them. 

    The CETU team: you can contact us for assistance in special or emergency cases where you need a professional who works with you day after day to speed up and simplify the preparation of your dissertation. 

    We handle the drafting of your thesis in its entirety, working together to ensure that you graduate on time.

    Dissertation Writing (Rates & Free Quote) 

    I am very late with the writing of my dissertation; can you still assist me? 

    Students with whom we have worked are frequently in crisis

    They must submit their dissertation within a few weeks, even if they have only written one chapter or nothing at all. 

    We have been able to respect every deadline. 

    How did we manage that? 

    Simple: we are a group of consultants who can work on your thesis concurrently. 

    So don’t worry. 

    The most important thing is to contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin writing your dissertation straight away. 

    Our “last minute thesis” service was developed to assist emergency students who have their deadline in a matter of weeks.

    Everything else can be found on the page with our results and feedback from the students we have worked with. 

    Although a good project usually takes months to write and complete, you can do it in no-time with the help of a professional team.

    Helpful hints for writing a dissertation 

    In addition to our practical experience gathered by writing hundreds of dissertations with students from all over the UK, there are numerous books that can assist you during the writing process. Among those recommended for reading are:

    • First Class Essays: The 24hour Roadmap Method: (Study Skills Book: Essay Writing for University) by Martin Horton-Eddison
    • Writing Essays For Dummies by Mary Page and Carrie Winstanley
    • Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide (Student Success) by Peter Redman and Wendy Maples
    • Writing Essays About Literature: A Brief Guide for University and College Students by Katherine O. Acheson
    • The Ultimate Essay Guide: Practical, actionable advice on writing essays and the extra parts no one ever thinks to teach you how to do by Mr Sam Loyd, Justin Moryto
    • Academic Writing for University Students by Stephen Bailey

    Who are we? 

    We are “Team CETU”, a group of young professionals who have been helping students graduate  since 2012

    Before graduating university, we went through the same fears, difficulties and indecisions

    We understand how it feels to be approaching the end of your studies and to suddenly find yourself unable to begin writing your dissertation. 

    We understand you want to finish your dissertation as soon as possible in order to finally enter the workforce or to appease your parents who have potentially paid for your studies. 

    We’ve all been there. 

    And we’ve discovered that writing a dissertation and assisting others with their project is a job that we enjoy and excel at.

    Because, contrary to popular belief, graduating is not pointless.

    Contact us

      We have been working with students from all over UK & Europe since 2012 and are happy to advise you in the best way possible. Fill out this form and ask your questions or receive a free quote without obligation. If you prefer, you can contact us at [email protected]

      I agree to the treatment of my personal information: Privacy Policy

      Our team is led by Sara (who graduated with 110 honours in Business Economics, Marketing and Management), followed by Carmen (who graduated with 110 honours in Civil Engineering, Environmental Recovery), Pierpaolo (who graduated with 110 honours in Management Engineering, Project Business Management and Production) and Marco (graduated with 110 in Communication Sciences). Depending on the project, we will also collaborate with external collaborators such as mother tongue professors, lawyers and industry professionals. 

      For over 6 years now, we have worked with students from all over the UK, assisting and advising them on their dissertations. 

      Send us an email with your questions and one of us will personally respond within 24 hours.