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This website uses cookies. This information is intended to safeguard your privacy. Contact us if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your personal data and we will be happy to help you.

By using this website and its services, you give consent to the use of your personal data under the following Data Privacy Statement.


  • Personal Data – any information relating to an identified and identifiable natural person.
  • Process – any operation or group of operations performed on personal data or on a collection of personal data.
  • Data Subject – a natural person whose data is being processed.
  • Child – a natural person under the age of 16.
  • We/Us – Team CETU.

Data Protection Principles

Please be assured that we follow these data protection principles:

  • The process is fair, lawful and transparent. Our processing purposes provide a legal basis. We always take into account your rights before processing your personal data. If required, we provide you with all the information concerning the processing of your data;
  • Purpose-limited process. Our data collection and processing are limited to what is strictly necessary.
  • Data minimisation process. We collect and process only a minimal amount of personal data, limited to what is necessary for the purposes;
  • Time-limited process. We do not store or use your data longer than necessary;
  • we do our best to ensure the security and accuracy of the data;
  • we do our best to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Data Subject Rights

The Data Subject has the following rights:

  1. Right to be informed – which means that you have the right to know whether we process your data and if so, what data, where we get it from and why and by whom it is processed.
  2. Right to Access – which means that you have the right to access the data collected by us about you, including the right to request and obtain a copy of the personal data that we have collected.
  3. Right to Rectification – which means you have the right to request a rectification or erasure of your inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
  4. Right to Erasure – which means that, in certain circumstances, you can request the erasure of your personal data from our databases.
  5. Right to Restrict Processing – which means that, in certain circumstances, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
  6. Right to Object – which means that, in certain circumstances, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, for example in the case of direct marketing purposes.
  7. Right to Object to Automated Processing – which means you have the right to object to automatic processing, including profiling.
  8. Right to Data Portability – you have the right to obtain your personal data in a machine-readable format or, if possible, as a direct transfer from one controller to another.
  9. Right to File a Complaint – Should we refuse your request, we will also provide you with a valid reason. If you are not satisfied with this reason, you can contact us and reiterate your request.
  10. Right to Get Help from a Supervisory Authority – which means you have the right to get help from a supervisory authority and the right to file for other legal remedies such as damages.
  11. Right to Withdraw Consent – you have the right to withdraw the consent given for the processing of your personal data.

The data we collect

Information you have shared with us
This includes your email address, name, billing or home address, etc. In short, information required to deliver a product or a service or to improve your user experience. We will also store your personal information so you can comment or perform other activities on our website. This information may include, for example, your name and email address.

Personal information collected by automated systems
This may include information automatically stored by cookies or other tools. For example, information about your shopping cart, IP address, order and purchase history (if available), etc. This information is used to improve your user experience. When you use our services or visit the contents of our website, your activities may be tracked.

Information from our partners
We will collect information from our trusted partners, with confirmation that they are acting lawfully in order to share the data with us. This may concern both the information you have shared directly with them and information they have collected about you. See the list of our partners here.

Publicly available information
We may collect your publicly available personal information.
How we use your personal information

How we use your personal data

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with our services such as registering your account, providing products or services that you may have requested, providing promotional material, if requested, and inform you about our products and services, communicate, interact and notify you of any changes in our services;
  • improve your user experience on our website
  • for legal or contractual obligations.

Remember: we will always process your personal information lawfully and with your consent.

In accordance with the contractual obligations, we will process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to identify you;
  • to provide you with services or to send / offer you a product;
  • to notify you of a discount or a purchase receipt.

In accordance with lawful interests, we will process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to send you customised offers, newsletters and ad campaigns (from us or our carefully selected partners);
  • to manage and analyse our customers (shopping habits and history) in order to improve the quality, variety and availability of products and services we offer and provide;
  • to administer questionnaires about the satisfaction levels of our customers;
  • for other purposes to which you consented.

We process your personal information to comply with legal obligations and/or to use your data for options allowed by law. We reserve the right to anonymise the data we collect and use it in any way. We will only use the anonymised data for purposes not covered by this Privacy Policy. We will save both your billing information and other personal information just for the time needed to fulfil the other purposes or legal obligations but, in any case, for no more than 5 years.

We may process your personal information for additional purposes not mentioned here, but consistent with the original purposes for which the data was collected. To this end, we ensure that:

  • the relationship between the objectives, the context and the nature of your personal information is made suitable for any further processing;
  • further processing would not be detrimental to your interests and
  • the processing would be protected and safe.

You will be informed about any further processing and purposes.

Who else can access your personal information

We will not share your data with unauthorised persons. In some cases, our user’s personal information is sent to our trusted partners in order to make it possible to provide services or to improve the user experience. We share your data with:

Our processing partners:

Google analysis service (Analytics)

Our business partners:

Google (Google Adwords)

We only work with processing partners who are able to ensure a proper level of data protection. We will disclose your data to third parties or public officials when we are legally obliged to do so. We may disclose your personal information to third parties, providing that you have consented or there are other legal reasons for doing so.

How we protect your data

We do our best to keep your personal information safe. We use secure protocols for communication and data transfers (i.e., HTTPS). We use both anonymisation and pseudonymisation, where applicable. We constantly monitor our systems for possible infringements and attacks.

Despite our best efforts, complete data security cannot be ensured. However, we are committed to reporting any data breaches to the relevant authorities. You will be notified in case of any risks that might concern you. We will do everything reasonably possible to prevent security breaches and assist authorities in the event of any infringements.

If you have an account on our website, please note that you must keep your username and password undisclosed.


We do not intend to collect or knowingly collect information from children. We do not refer children to our services.

Cookies and other technologies we use

We use cookies and/or similar technologies to analyse customer behaviour, administer the website, track user movements and collect user information. This is done in order to personalise and enhance your user experience.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. Cookies store the information used to make websites work. Only we can access the cookies created by our website. You can control your cookies at the browser level. The choice to disable cookies could hinder the use of certain functions.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Essential cookies: these cookies are necessary in order to use some important features on our website, such as logging in. These cookies do not collect any personal information.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies provide features that make the usage of our services more convenient and customised. For example: they allow your name and email address to be saved in comment forms so you do not have to re-enter this information every time you want to comment.
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to track the use and performance of our website and our services
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to show advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an ad. They are usually placed on the website by advertising networks with the website operator’s permission. These cookies remember that you have visited a website and this information will then be shared with other organisations such as advertisers. Often, targeting or advertising cookies can be related to website features provided by the other organisation.

All the types of aforementioned cookies may remain on your computer or mobile device for different periods of time, depending on their function.

The cookies stored on your computer or mobile device cannot be used to retrieve any data from your hard disk, transmit computer viruses, identify and use your email address, or for purposes other than those described above.

Cookies stored on your computer can be removed using the settings of your browser. Alternatively, you can control some third-party cookies using a privacy enhancement platform such as or For more information about cookies, visit

You can set and manage your cookie preferences at any time by selecting which cookies to authorise, block or delete, in whole or in part, using the settings of your browser (or, the navigation programme you are using).

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Supervisory Authority

The data controller and the Supervisory Authority of this data is Team CETU, which may be contested via [email protected]

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The last modification was made on 26 July 2021.