Team CETU: Who are we?

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life

Confucius said it. 

This sentence encapsulates the essence of Team CETU (Centro Tesi Universitario) and is frequently repeated. 


Because university years were intense and challenging for us but we were fortunate enough to choose the university path closest to our hearts

We enjoyed every test we passed, every exam and every discovery we made during our research. 

When we graduated, we realised how much we enjoyed studying, writing and assisting others on their journey.

So, why not incorporate our university experience into our work!

The best way for us to find joy in working was to organise a team of professionals dedicated to support you throughout your university career, from exams to writing your thesis. 

Team CETU: Who are we?

Our services include: 

Last-minute thesis: if you are behind on your work and still need to complete the majority of the chapters of your thesis. We can assist you. 

Anti-plagiarism checks: it is dangerous to copy a thesis in a more or less obvious way. All major universities in Italy use anti-plagiarism software. Are you sure your thesis is unique? 

Having a genuine passion for your work is a source of strength and inspiration.

It is the first requirement for a happy professional life and for achieving the best results in our daily activities. 

We are a young team and the desire to help other students get through what we ourselves have experienced motivates us to work hard. 

We have overcome many obstacles in our years of counselling students. 

We have completed many theses in record time, as often students ask for assistance in completing a project in just a matter of days. 

Precisely for this reason, we provide our last-minute thesis service, a significant challenge that requires us to work non-stop for days. 

How do we keep our service and quality levels high?

The energy we need to keep going is provided by the results obtained and the satisfaction of the students we have assisted.

Every job and every success that the students we help achieve is incredibly motivating to us

When students pass an exam or finish writing their thesis, we feel the same emotions we felt during our own university years. 

Our Centro Tesi Universitario (CETU) consists of a group of professionals who collaborate to help you get through university, pass difficult exams or finish writing your thesis. 

We charge reasonable prices because we understand how difficult it is to cover university expenses such as your books and fees. 

  • Our team was established in 2012
  • We are a group of professionals who provide consultation on various study subjects. 
  • We assist those attempting to write a thesis whilst having limited time due to work obligations, personal commitments, writing difficulties or tight deadlines.
Team CETU: Who are we?

We can assist you in Italian and Spanish. 

Team CETU provides professional thesis drafting and correction services in English, Italian and Spanish

Writing or proofreading a thesis is a delicate job, regardless of how well you know another language: you must consider local idioms, industry-specific terms and university linguistic rules as you aim to maintain a professional tone. 

Send us a message if you have any questions or want more information about our drafting and proofreading services. 

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with all the required information, along with a free, no-obligation quote.

We assist those attempting to write a thesis whilst having limited time due to work obligations, personal commitments, writing difficulties or tight deadlines.

Who is part of Team CETU? 

Sara O. (born in 1987) coordinates the CETU team. Sara graduated with honours from the state university of Fisciano (SA) in 2012, specialising in Business Economics with a focus on Marketing and Management. 

Our fulltime team members: 

  • Carmen O. (born 1984) earned an honours degree in Civil Engineering with a specialisation in Environmental Remediation in 2008. 
  • Pierpaolo A. (born 1987) earned a 110 in Management Engineering with a specialisation in Project Management and a specialisation in Corporate Production. 
  • Marco D. (born 1979) obtained a 110 in Communication Sciences.

We are also assisted by four external collaborators, including two C2-level native English, Spanish, and French professors and a jurist.

As a result, we can work on a variety of disciplines while maintaining professionalism and quality. 

Team CETU: Who are we?

 Why should you choose CETU? 

  • Our rates: we don’t have a physical office as we live in different parts of the world and we understand how to collaborate online with excellent results. We don’t have any overhead costs so we can keep our consulting fees low.
  • We use WhatsApp, email, telephone and messenger to communicate with our students. You can use whichever method you prefer and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible. 
  • Always available: we will follow up even after the chapters have been submitted and we will assist you in managing the feedback and correcting your thesis at any time. 
  • We will respond in less than 24 hours every day of the week and can prepare your entire project in just a few days if necessary. 
  • Young people talking to young people: our team comprises of young people aged 30 to 35, so we understand your university’s requirements. 

Since 2012, we have assisted more than 300 students in writing their thesis.

We work with the following faculties: 

Finance and economics



Marketing and administration 

Social sciences 

Social sciences and humanities 

Philosophy, history and literature 

Tourism, geography, environment and landscape 

Media, film, theatre, fashion and design 

Physiotherapy and nursing 

And many others! 

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